NEONTUFF Screen Protectors

If you asked to hit my brand new iPhone 6 Plus with a hammer – what would i say?



I wouldn’t say no.

That’s how amazing this screen protector is. The NEONTUFF screen protectors are made from layers and layers of specialized materials to take the full grunt of any front on impact. The stylish neon design will leave your iPhone glowing brilliantly every time you turn it on. I’ve tested it myself, and the advertised “hammer-proof” feature is no joke. If you’re looking for the ultimate screen protector, stop what you’re doing, you’ve found it.






NEONTUFF is rated 8-9H in hardness which is 3 times harder than our competitors. The patented ‘pour and bake’ manufacturing process, is the heart of the revolutionary glass-like feel. Giving you a seamless touch screen experience with 99% optics and at the same time protecting your screen so well it can withstand the pounding of a hammer.

At 0.3mm slim, it’s thinner than a credit card and comes in 5 NEON colours including crystal clear. The magic of our coloured protectors is they brighten the outside of your phone with cool glowing edges, but keep your screen clear for high definition viewing.

NEONTUFF is built for all major iPhone, iPad and Samsung phone models. Including the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4 models.

Do yourself a favour and protect your screen from accidental drops and cracks today.